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Promotion Laminated Non Woven Bag factory

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Promotion Laminated Non Woven Bag factory Our Product
The company is mainly engaged in paper box packaging, gift boxes, paper bags, playing cards, stickers, hardcover books, hand tags and woven labels , etc......
Product Application
The products are used in packaging for electronic products, apparel, cosmetics, toys, jewelry, gifts, etc. Provide one-stop printing and packaging services.
Production Equipment
At present, the company has a new CTP plate making system, a new Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102 five-color printing machine, the new Roland Excellence 700 six-color printing machine and post-press and other advanced supporting equipment.
Production Market
Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the principle of customer first, service first, through scientific management, external focus on market and operation, internal focus on quality and management, with high-quality products and fast and effective services as well as "trustworthy, pragmatic, demanding, The spirit of precision and innovation" has won the satisfaction and trust of customers at home and abroad.Promotion Laminated Non Woven Bag factory


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