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Buy Slab Machine Precast hollow core slab machine concrete Hollow core slab machine
Prestressed concrete core slab machine is designed reasonable in structure, easy for operation and maintenance, durable with high speed productivity, by which cored slabs produced are smooth in surface, compact in high intensity. Random cutting for any length (according to standard), flexible combination of the slab can satisfy various kinds of floor construction. With prestress cored slabs construction framework can be simplified, bearing walls and beam columns are reduced, floorage increased and construction cost decreased.
Prestressed reinforcement should be under relaxation and stress relieving with a performance up to the national standard.
During production prestressed reinforcement is to be placed on the platform first and stretchingis done on it according to the standard, then adjust the plug extruder in readycondition, feed the necessary concrete into the hopper of the extruder, after aprocessing of consolidation and high frequency jolt ramming, cored slab is come into being and through curing, gradual tension force relief, the slab can becut into desired size and stored.
Floor machine is a new type of prefabricated component production machinery. It is applicable to the extrusion forming of various prestressed concrete circular orifice plates in industrial and civil buildings. The mechanical technology is advanced, which can improve the work efficiency by 3-5 times compared with other methods of production (die drawing, rapid demoulding, etc.), save 30-50kg cement per cubic meter, reduce the labor intensity of workers, high speed of plate making, dense texture, neat plate shape, accurate size, high site utilization rate and fast turnover. It is the most ideal prefabricated component production equipment to replace other production methods.Buy Slab Machine


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