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China Pod Vape MV5-C is oval shape and nice appearance.0.5ml best pod vape pen, 100% No Leacking,Used for cbd oil,THC oil,Delta 8/Delta 9 oil,this is best pod vape pen. Flat and slim,Loved by the majority of women.Visible window,Sometimes the shape of the window can be customized.
No worry about the oil left, because there have a Micro charging port on the bottom.
Vape by drawing and the LED indicator will keep lighting up,Sometimes the LED color can be customized.
Print logo on the pen Body
Pen Body:Matt Paint/Glossy Paint/Rubber Paint/Colorful sticker and so on
Mouth tip:Plastic in different color
Led Color
鈼?0.5ml best pod vape pen
鈼?Visible window
鈼?Snap mouth tip
Size (L x W x H) 10*8*104mm
Volume 0.5ml best pod vape pen
Oil Intake hole 4 holes, 1.6mm hole size (custom hole size)
Capacity 220mAh
Resistance 1.3ohm
Material 1.Brass tube
2.PCTG tank
Feature 1.Ceramic Heating Element
2.Oval flat shape best pod vape pen 3.Inhale activated
4. Micro Charging Port
Package 100 pieces of pen body each Tray
Packed in a BoxChina Pod Vape


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