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Yoga Equipment quotation Feature:
1. The double armrest design allows beginners and experienced yoga practitioners to easily perform hendstand exercises.
2. Allows you to immediately enjoy the benefits of hendstand without causing any damage or pressure on your neck or back.
3. For yoga instructors, it can be used as inverted bench, and also board support, dorsiflexion assistance, and full body stretching exercises.
4. Can accelerate blood circulation, ensure that the brain absorbs enough oxygenated blood and relieve stress.
5. The unique extended structure increases the range of force and can safely and stably prevent overturning, maximum load is 200 kg.
Product size51*49*39cm
Packing size51*49*36cm/ 43*49*15cm/50*16*45cm
MaterialSteel pipe + pu leather + pe pearl cotton
FunctionHendstand can modify the body lines and make people more slender and fit. Reduce facial wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and delay aging. Hendstand can increase the blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain, promote intellectual development, and enhance brain functionYoga Equipment quotation


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