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Wholesale Household Atomizer Company Profile
Our History
Hunan Hechengyuanmai Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer dedicated to the manufacture and development of coffee appliances. From entrepreneurial dreams to mature markets, Yuanmai people have always adhered to their responsibility in the coffee industry. Our products have always been rigorous and focused, always on the road, never retreating, always innovating, and never stopping!
Our Factory
As a manufacturer dedicated to R&D, manufacturing and sales of related coffee appliances, we have an independent R&D design team, 6 complete production lines, and an independent injection molding workshop to provide customers with a one-stop shopping experience.
Our Product
A series of coffee related products such as coffee machine/coffee grinder/coffee roaster/environmentally friendly coffee grounds cup
Product Application
Home/Office/Hotel/Restaurant/Commercial Beverage Venue
Production Market
Since 2016, it has been producing exclusive personalized labeling solutions for global brands
Our Service
We provide a complete set of specialty coffee appliance designs for major companies around the world, and strive to create exclusive brands and highlight individual labels
Value proposition
Help our customers develop smart, convenient and high-quality coffee appliance products and reduce their operating costs.
Key points of difference
After cooperating with Yuanmhe, we not only provide you with electrical appliances, but also allow you to obtain long-lasting high added value from electrical appliances and create a store that is unique to your brand!Wholesale Household Atomizer


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