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Vacuum Resin Hose manufacturers

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Vacuum Resin Hose manufacturers
Spiral Hose for Vacuum Infusion is continuously extruded from high-density polyethylene (PE) material through professional equipment to provide a medium diversion channel for the vacuum forming process.
1. It is widely used in the vacuum infusion process of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, mainly used for diversion resin.
2. High strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and toughness.
3. The transparency of the draft tube makes it easy to observe the fluidity of the resin during the vacuuming process.
Product Type:Vacuum hose & Sprial hose
Working Temperature:80-120鈩?/p>
Size:10*12mm, 12*14mm, 16*19mm
Vacuum composite material:vacuum pump,vacuum bagging film,peel ply,release film,sealant tape,resin flow mesh,vacuum hose,quick connector,resin collector
Q:How many specifications are available?
A锛歵he common size are 10*12mm, 12*14mm, 16*19mm
Q:What is the temperature resistance?
A锛?0-120鈩?/p>Vacuum Resin Hose manufacturers


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