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OEM Chrome Hollow Bar 鈥籓ur History
Wuxi Yushen Hydralic Machinery Co.,Ltd is located on the shore of the beautiful Taihu Lake: a national livable city, Wuxi Yixing City. The company entered the hydraulic and pneumatic industry as early as the early 1990s and is a veteran enterprise in this industry in the country. The company integrates product research and development, production, manufacturing and processing, sales and technical services, hydraulic cylinder piston rod pneumatic components, hydraulic special machinery, the main production base of logistics production line, with Yushen hydraulic machinery, Chen Yu hydraulic pneumatic, Yushen machinery manufacturing Department, piston rod production base, cold-drawn high-precision cylinder tube factory, heat treatment electroplating factory.
鈥籓ur Factory
Our company specializes in the production of precision long shafts, piston rods, hollow rods, multi-stage cylinder piston rods. It is manufactured with advanced technology such as peeling, barreling and straightening, precision, high-precision polishing, electroplating-type plating cylinder, and bleeding (hollow piston rod obtained national patent ZL201720904689.X), and all indicators have reached national and international advanced levels. It can be directly used in mechanical guide rods, guide rails and other products such as oil cylinders, air cylinders, shock absorbers, linear guides, etc., with complete metric and inch specifications.
The company always puts quality in the first place, has a complete after-sales service system, and is guided by technology, backed by talents, and wholeheartedly provides high-quality products and services to new and old customers at home and abroad.
鈥籓ur Product
Electroplating rod, piston rod, cylinder tube, honing tube, multi-stage cylinder piston rod, cold drawn tube
鈥籔roduct Application
Construction machinery, water conservancy, auto maintenance, metallurgy, shipping, agricultural machinery.
鈥籓ur Certificate
鈥籔roduction Equipment
Cold drawing machine, honing machine, general car, CNC, centerless grinding, cylindrical grinding, milling machine, electroplating production line, heat treatment furnace, heat treatment line.
鈥籔roduction Market
Mainland China, North America, Europe. 2019 Sany Heavy Industry Supplier's Best Progress Award.
鈥籓ur Service
Make service countermeasures according to customer requirements before sales, timely feedback production progress during sales, and pay attention to customer feedback after sales.OEM Chrome Hollow Bar


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